Best Swiss Army Knife for Whittling

Swiss army knives have been around since the 1800s. It’s amazing how you can have different tools wrapped in one body. Over the years, the Victorinox company has come up with different types of swiss army knives and they also come in different sizes. In this article, I have compiled the best swiss army knife for whittling.

This list features;

Evogrip S18-Top Best

The Evogrip is my top best Swiss army knife for whittling. This model is added grippy inserts for more traction. There are red-handled versions of these knives, but the S18 comes in yellow. When carving, a good grip is very important to avoid the tools from slipping.

This model has a few tool holdouts from the Wenger era before it was bought by Victorinox, and they differ just a bit from the other Victorinox models.

Instead of a half-stop, the evogrip S18 has a self-locking mechanism that prevents the tools from closing on you when carving as long as you are pressing down.

In regards to carving, it has a long blade that you can use for whittling and a small one for details. It also has a saw blade that you can use to cut branches for whittling.

One Hand Trekker-1st Runners up

The one hand is in the first runner-up position on this list and its main feature is the one-hand opening blade that is a rarity among Swiss army knives. You can get it with a partially serrated edge near the tip, but for carving purposes the plain edge version is the best choice.

The blade is secured open by a liner lock, and the same liner lock locks the large bottle opener in place as well.

The one-handed trekker is a knife that’s preferred for jobs like carving and it has a very good grip. It also has a saw blade to cut branches for whittling.


The spartan is similar and tied to Tinker Swiss army knife, and the difference is that it trades the screwdriver for cock screw. This model has a long blade and a short one made from high carbon.

It has glossy black scales and a coordinated black finish on all the tools. the dark finish is called “polispectral” or inox spectral and I must say, the finish adds an aesthetic appearance to the Swiss army knife.

This model has three blades you can use; a long one, a short one, and a pointy one. The pointy one will make you give better details.


This model is two layers thick but still manages to pack a ton of features into the knife. Part of this is thanks to the combo tool that combines the bottle opener and a can opener functions into a single implement.

This model is also one of the few modern Swiss army knives to feature what Victorinox calls “Plus scales”. In addition to the toothpick and the tweezers, they house a removable ballpoint pen and a small sewing-style pin that’s hidden behind the corkscrew.

In regards to whittling, the compact Swiss army knife has a long blade that you can use and even finish with details.


The pioneer Swiss army knife is the modern descendant of the 1890 Swiss army knife.

It trades out the wood handles for Victorinox’s signature Alex aluminum handles that have a good grip when using it.

They look good and sport a raised grid-like pattern for texture and tend to be a little bit sturdier than plastic, or selador knives that majority of us use.

Pioneer has two layers of tools and the way to tell is by checking the back springs on the slip joint mechanism. It comes with a nice awl, a bottle opener, and a can opener each having a flathead screwdriver. It also comes with a stainless steel blade that will be suitable for carving.


When swiss knives were being manufactured, the thought of whittling was not there but it doesn’t stop them from doing a good job of whittling. I hope this list of our best swiss army knives for whittling will help you.

2 thoughts on “Best Swiss Army Knife for Whittling”

  1. Swiss Army Knives are great. The plastic scales are called cellidor, not selador.
    I don’t like the corkscrew because it dors not fit well in my hand. For me the Tinker is a far better option than the Spartan.
    The Farmer is a good knife, too. It ads a woodsaw to the Pioneer.

    1. Great comment, Jo! As the new lead writing, I agree with you and update the article accordingly. This article is near the top of the list for updating, so should get to it soon!


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