best whittling book for beginners

Best Whittling Books For Beginners

If you want an effective way to get a deeper understanding in woodcarving, books will be your to go-to source.

There is a lot of knowledge about woodcarving explained in detail and this books give you step-by-step process to follow from the beginning of your carving to the end.

So what are the best whittling books for beginners that will easily teach you this art as fast as possible? I will share with you 3 of my best whittling books for beginners that I would recommend for you to buy.

The best beginner’s handbook that I have come across and reviewed is Whittling Flat Planes Animals – by James Miller. This is a perfect book for a beginner to start with, because it simplifies whittling by giving step-by-step process with great illustrations for completing a wood carving project.

3 Best Beginners Guide Handbook For Beginners List

Whittling Flat-Plane Animals – (My Best Overall Book)

The Whittling Flat-Plane Animals – By James Miller is our overall best in our best whittling books for beginners. It is written by a very passionate award-winning Scandinavian-style carver and contributor to woodcarving is one of the best books for beginners.

He got interested in whittling at the age of eleven and joined a local club, learned and practiced with no destruction, and soon came to be very good in the craft. The book has 15 step-by-step projects to whittle in wood and such including seals, horses, reindeers, and other projects.

The reason I insist on this book being on my top list is because of how well this author illustrates this project by use of Photography which breaks down how to whittle and it is very easy for you as a beginner or a veteran to follow the steps directed.

The book is a good starter guide for a beginner the author uses a classic Scandinavian flat-plane style which is a stylized art form that depends on simplifying shapes and details.

The projects in this book are arranged in a way that they vary in difficulty from easy to intermediate and can be done in a day each and it features 15 wood animal projects each design inside whittling, Flat-plane style can be accomplished in just one day with just one knife, encouraging novices and intermediate carvers alike.

These step-by-step instructions for these animal projects will give you the knowledge of classic Scandinavian flat-plane techniques, improve your whittling skills, and add to your list of new whittling methods.

The simplicity of how the author James Miller gave this book is amazing because it will make you enjoy whittling on all those animal projects.

Carving Woodspirits: Beyond The Basics

Carving Woodspirits: Beyond The Basics – by Susan Hendrix is a handbook you as a beginner will love reading and enjoy all the richness in Knowledge it will offer you. The Authors of this book are Susan Hendrix who has taught wood carving for more than 25 years and Paul “pj” Peery who has worked with woodcarvers for more than 20 years they both came together and wrote this book which simplifies almost everything that has to do with whittling.

This book gives you a lot of knowledge on how to carve an eye, nose, and hair and the step-by-step given will make you love and enjoy whittling in no time. This book gave me the confidence in whittling and the thought of I won’t know how to whittle faded each day I read the book. The projects are also backed with photos.

It also gives you some safety measures on how to hold your knives, what tools you need to whittle, and the best type of wood grain a beginner should use. The simplicity that this book will give you the psyche to continue because everything you need to practice is shown in the simplest way possible.

The Authors reduce the number of tools you need to use and give you the assurance that three hand tools which are, the Carving knife v-tool and a v-gouge knife will do the work.

20-Minute Whittling Projects

When I read this book, 20-Minute Whittling Projects – By Tom Hindes, I was impressed because everything you need to know as a beginner is clearly instructed and backed by the photos and this book will make you discover whittling in a short time while you have fun reading. The author of this book is Tom Hindes and he uses only a pocket knife because as he says about it is that you can do whittling just anywhere to carve his projects.

Tom Hindes demonstrates it as easy-to-learn, a quick-cut method for whittling expressive little figures from wood in just a span of 20 minutes. The easy instructions and step-by-step he gives you will learn to carve an array of wizards, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, and more.

These projects are wonderful for learning basic whittling skills and the short time taken to complete each project can make you end up with a lot in a week’s time. This book also has patterns for you to follow and they are so easy for a beginner to follow.

I’m sure a beginner will find the projects in this book interesting and once you are one whittling all the projects consider yourself not a beginner.

Now that I read these beginner whittling books, I came to warm up to books and as I continue with this craft, I’m thinking of writing one myself.

Buying Guide

This buying guide will help you know what to look for when you want to buy a good book that will help you grasp the knowledge about whittling. The most important thing.

  1. Reviews-The best way to check which is the best whittling book to read is by checking on reviews done either in videos or in websites if you prefer reading. People who have already read the book will give you their insights and they will recommend to you a good book to help you walk with you in your whittling journey
  2. Reading the content of the whittling book-This applies where the book is not wrapped and you can go through its content and this will be suitable for you according to what you want.

Developing a habit of reading will make you appreciate and warm up to more books and that will only expand your knowledge. Be sure if you read either of the books you will definitely learn to whittle in no time and you might also want to share your knowledge with the beginners at that time.


Whittling books will give you all the knowledge you need to know about whittling in detail and I would recommend to start their knowledge with books.

Make sure that where you store the books is dry to avoid destroying them.

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