Can You Make Money Whittling


Once You have become good at wood carving craft, what is next? Most people wonder if they can make some money with wood carving. Making profits with your handmade items is challenging like all other businesses and there are key factors you need to take into account.

Time is the most critical thing when speaking of any business or entrepreneurship. So, you have to rest your calendar and give this craft that you want to be a business enough time. If you can do that, the result will be worth it.

You need to ask some questions and answer yourself before deciding on doing business with wood carving. Make sure you have a good plan and take your time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Are You Good at Wood Carving?

This is the first question to ask yourself because if you are not familiar with the craft, then there is no way you will profit from it. Can you carve a piece that a buyer can be interested to buy? Is your knowledge and understanding of wood carving just your family’s way to encourage and support your activity, if it is, and you are not that good at it, no buyer will want to purchase your craft.

You need to answer this with complete sincerity because you can’t lie to yourself and if you have got doubts about your answer, the best option is to postpone starting your business at that time and give yourself some more time to perfect the craft. But if you are good at it, start carving some money.

Do you need to upgrade your carving tools?

The difference between carving projects for pleasure and business is the attention to detail and that will be hard if the quality of tools you are using is poor. When carving for business purposes, you can’t ignore even the minor discomforts or lack of quality because you are not the only one practicing carving for profit. There are others out there who are better and every passing day, they are perfecting their art.

Do All the Calculations

When starting the carving craft, you won’t need to make a lot of investments because all you need is your tools and the wood to carve your projects from. But thinking it from a business perspective, inspiration only won’t be enough. Money-making is always about money accounting. How much will you need to start? How costly are the equipment and material satisfying you with their quality? How much time are you willing to invest in your wood carving business each day? And lastly, how much will you sell your goods?

If you don’t ask yourself those questions before starting your business, the risk of losing money will be very high and why risk it?

Don’t Rush To register Your business

Although registering your business should be on your list of tasks to complete, it should not be the priority. One mistake many business starters make is thinking of business registration as their first step to becoming entrepreneurs

Instead of that, start by reorganizing your daily schedule and adjusting your routine to it. This will depend on the desired level of earnings, and hours you are planning to put into the craft.

Give yourself enough time to try things out and find out your money channels. This means,

-Finding your clients-to profit from this craft, you need people to buy the goods from you. You can think of selling your goods online and if that’s the case, you will need to create a website or a social media group to promote your work by attracting clients.

If your location has tourists that visit, consider opening a market and locate it where there is a large spot with daily traffic nearby. Make sure your potential clients know about you and the best way to do that is to think of advertising your work.

-Prepare for difficulties- Even though your products are of excellent quality, original design, and available at a low price it probably won’t be easy. Because your business will be young, you will make mistakes and solve them and always be ready to invest more time into it than you thought while making your first plans. Difficulties will appear but remember you are not the only one going through them and don’t allow them to break you.


If you are persistent enough and overcome all those challenges, your wood carving business will actually start bringing profits. They won’t be too high at first, because you won’t have enough time to serve all client’s orders alone. And in time after you think of expanding your business and start hiring assistants, the profits will increase. You just have to take your time is sharpen your skills and create a good business strategy and all will be well.

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