Can You Whittle With A Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives have been very common in our world today and as a carver or whittler, can you whittle with a swiss army knife? Before jumping into that question, a little history won’t hurt.

Not assuming everyone reading this article knows where the swiss army knives came from, the first one was made in 1891 by Swiss cutler Karl Elsener. This was the evolution of knives the swiss army was issued at the beginning of 1886 and originally produced in Germany.

Swiss cutler Karl Elsener began adding some equipment to the soldier’s knives with a reamer, screwdriver, and can opener. In 1897, the second blade and a corkscrew were introduced and the suppliers were Victorinox, Swiss cutler Karl’s firm, and Wenger.

Can You whittle With A Swiss Army Knife

When whittling, you only need a knife and a piece of wood. So if you need to know whether you can whittle with a swiss army knife, yes you can. Although not all tools that are in the swiss army knife can be used for carving, the blades are very good for carving. There are many types of swiss army knives today and if you are asking what are the best swiss army knife for carving, check out our article on the best swiss army knives for whittling.

What Makes A Swiss Army Knife Good For Whittling

Below are some of the reasons that makes it possible to whittle with a swiss army knife;

Built In Different Sizes

Swiss army knives come in different sizes, number of tools, and shapes. When you are carving, you need a tools that is comfortable in your hands and it is not bulky, When a tools is bulky, it will cause fatigue in your hands and you won’t use it for long.

Swiss army knives come in different shapes and sizes, you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your hands.

Strong And Sharp Blades

Comparing whittling to power carving, you require a lot of force when whittling and if the blade is not strong, it will break or bend mostly when whittling hardwoods. The swiss army is made up of high carbon blades and it gives it strength to whittle even hardwoods.

Before whittling, ensure that it is sharp and it will save you time and energy.

Comfortable In Your Hands

Comfort when whittling is very important to avoid fatigue. Using a heavy tool or a tool that does not rest well in your hands will only limit the time you will take when whittling.


When the swiss army knives were being manufactured, whittling was not in mind but that doesn’t mean it won’t whittle. All you need is to choose the best army knife that is comfortable in your hands and has a blade that can whittle.

Make sure that before using your swiss army knife for whittling, the blades are sharp and you will be on the safer side compared to a blunt tool.

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