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Is Cypress Good For Carving? It’s Such a Unique Wood!

Today on woods for carving we have cypress! hmm… is cypress good for carving? how about whittling, can we use our whittling knives on cypress and produce something decent?

Today on woods for carving we discuss cypress wood!  Is cypress good for carving?  Is cypress suitable for whittling?  Can we use our whittling knives on Cypress with ease and produce high-quality wood carving designs?

Bald Cypress, with the biological name Taxodium distichum, is normally found In wet regions and swamps and is native to Southeastern United States. Bald cypress lumber is truly at home in the water. It is often used on bridges, docks and other locations that are regularly saturated.

Cypress is a nice wood for carving that cuts with just enough ease, yet is strong enough to hold finer detail. 

Cypress knees are also very popular with carvers and whittlers. Different cypress wood varieties can vary somewhat, with some being very hard and frustrating to carve with knives. While others are softer and may splinter easily. 

If you have access to cypress logs, blocks or knees, consider yourself lucky.  Here are a few things you should know before you begin your cypress carving journey.

Is Cypress Good for Carving?

The Durability of Cypress Wood

Cypress although coniferous (softwood) has qualities of deciduous (hardwood) woods. Similar to Cedar, cypress heartwood contains a sesquiterpene called cypressene. This natural oil is a preservative that makes the wood water-resistant and helps it stand up to rot and insect damage.

It is worth noting, that the cypressene oils are created as the tree ages, taking decades to accumulate in the cypress wood.  Mature, old-growth, cypress trees are prized for this characteristic. Second-growth and younger trees may not have enough of these oils yet. That’s why you will hear seasoned woodworkers say the cypress today is not as good as that of a few decades ago. If it is harvested too young the quality and durability will not compare to the wood of old, mature trees.

Such durability and decay-resistant qualities are admired by any woodcarver. Carvings are artwork and good works need to be created with high-quality material. In this case, cypress is definitely a high quality carving material.

What about Leyland Cypress?  This is a more traditional coniferous evergreen tree that is often used in hedges or natural screenings. Can You Carve Leylandii?

Is Cypress Easy to Carve?

Woodworking involves careful consideration of the characteristics of different wood types, especially when it comes to carving intricate designs or sculptures. So, is cypress easy to carve? The answer lies in the wood’s unique properties. Cypress wood, with its fine and straight grain, proves to be a relatively easy wood to carve for both beginners and seasoned whittlers alike. 

Its moderate density strikes a balance between being sturdy enough to hold intricate details and soft enough to facilitate smooth carving motions. This makes Cypress a fantastic choice for artists seeking to bring their creative visions to life.

Whether you’re sculpting delicate patterns or bold figures, cypress wood’s workability offers a canvas that responds well to power carving tools – like a die grinder, or hand carving tools – like your whittling knife, helping you achieve your desired results with precision and satisfaction.

Is Cypress a Hardwood or Softwood?

By definition, Cypress is a softwood, but it is generally found growing near hardwoods and traditionally has been grouped together with hardwoods due to its high density and strength.

The cypress Janka Hardess Rating is around 510 making it a nice wood to whittle. Keep your whittling tools sharp and the cypress will not create a great deal of resistance. However, this comes at a compromise to how much detail it can hold.

Cypress will do a nice job of holding detail, but very fine and intricate detail can be a challenge. For whittlers like us, it is perfect for giving just the right amount that is desired in this minimalistic craft.

Like all woods, there may be variation in hardness depending on age and conditions of growth for every cypress tree, but overall it is a nice wood for whittling and I would very much recommend using it for both beginners and a more advanced woodcarver.

Is Cypress Wood Expensive?

Cypress wood, known for its durability, resistance to decay, and beautiful tones, falls within a slightly higher price range in comparison to some other wood types. While it might not be as budget-friendly as certain common softwoods, its benefits can certainly justify the investment.

The natural preservatives within cypress wood give it remarkable resistance to insect damage and weathering if you plan to carve a larger piece for outdoor use. 

Also, the wood’s unique grain patterns and warm hues can add a touch of elegance to any project, making it a favorite among more advanced woodcarvers, craftsmen, architects, and homeowners who prioritize both quality and beauty.

So, while cypress wood may have a slightly higher upfront cost, the combination of its remarkable attributes often makes it a worthwhile choice for those seeking enduring, aesthetically pleasing results for your completed carvings.

What are Cypress Knees?

Cypress trees grow in lowland and swampy areas. Marshlands and swamps have very loose and wet soil, so to gain more stability the root systems of cypress trees developed tall burls that grow above the water almost in the forms of the knees. These raised, tall roots are what we refer to as cypress knees.  See the picture below.

cypress wood carving

cypress knee is a distinctive structure of the cypress tree and almost a natural wood imperfection, a beautiful imperfection at that!  The unusual shape of the wood is perfect for creating wood carving designs known as a wood spirit.

Can You Carve Cypress Knees?

Yes, you can absolutely carve cypress knees! These knobby, knee-like protrusions are sought after by woodcarvers for their unique shapes and textures, making them fascinating subjects for carving projects. The cypress knees have the fine grain and traditional durability of cypress wood.  

is cypress good for carving
Cypress Knees photo credit: Dana Lee

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodcarver, cypress knees can offer a delightful and rewarding carving experience, yielding one-of-a-kind creations that showcase the beauty of nature. The unique shape is great for whittlers and carvers interested in carving wood spirits, gnomes, Santa ornament and figurines.

Is cypress good for carving
“Cypress knee I did for a balloon aeronaut friend.”Don Fontenot

What’s Next? Is Cypress Good For Wood Carving?

Cypress is truly one of my favorite wood types to carve!  If you have some cypress don’t waste any more time! jump in and start having fun carving.  Power tools work well, or be sure to have sharp hand tools and I know you’ll be on your way to creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

There are so many wood species out there, readily available to most of us for carving, check out more woods for carving!

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